Friday, June 3, 2016

23 Weeks Pregnant

Hey ya'll! Today I am 23 Weeks Pregnant today with a baby girl, and only 17 weeks left of my second pregnancy. It's crazy how fast this pregnancy is going by, I'm already in my 6th month of pregnancy! I have been absolutely loving documenting my pregnancy, sharing my experiences, and showing off things that I have been purchasing for sweet Laney Ann.

In this weeks pregnancy vlog, I am going over my symptoms for 23 weeks of pregnancy including my sciatic nerve pain, an update on my restless leg syndrome, and my current and total weight gain for my pregnancy so far. I also am sharing the pregnancy app's that I'm using right now including a new one that I just discovered and have been enjoying. I'm not sure how accurate these app's are, but they are fun to look at and read through. I have been feeling baby move a lot more this week, and am hoping that's a sign that she's growing more. I touch on fundal height and uterus size. I'm not exactly sure how to measure or how big mine is, but I've definitely been feeling for it and doing some research on it.
If you are interested in all the details from my 23 weeks of pregnancy, click on the video down below and be sure to subscribe to my channel for more!